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Learn How Sandoval Tax Services in Bakersfield Can Help You

Sandoval Tax Services in Bakersfield, California is an accounting and CPA Firm offering professional bookkeeping and tax preparation services. We serve the community of Bakersfield, and the surrounding cities, like Arvin, Lamont, Wasco, and Shafter. We have a passion for accounting and taxes, but our real joy comes from helping people like you.

Our tax services include tax planning and tax preparation for various type of entities. Not only do we prepare tax returns for individuals, but we also prepare tax returns for S-Corporations, Partnerships, and Limited Liability Companies. We are fluent in both English and Spanish, and serve both individuals and small business owners. While we serve clients in multiple industries, we work mostly with clients who are in the following industries:

  • Trucking and transportation
  • Construction
  • Property management
  • Real estate
  • Restaurant
  • Service

As an accounting and CPA Firm in Bakersfield, we are required to take continuing education courses in taxes and accounting by the State of California. This means that we have a good understanding of the tax laws, which allows to do more than just prepare your taxes. By having a thorough understanding, we can look for areas to help you maximize your tax refund, or minimize your tax liability.

Our bookkeeping services are primarily for the small business owners have a ton of receipts! If you purchase a lot of materials for your business, then our bookkeeping services are probably a good fit for you. Not only will we help you to organize your receipts, but we will scan them into our archive and include them in our accounting software. At the end of the month or quarter, we will then present you with your Financial Statements, which include your Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss. If you believe that your time is better spent on income-producing activities, then our bookkeeping services are exactly what you need. Not only will we free up your time, but we will also let you know where your money is going!

At Sandoval Tax, we go beyond bookkeeping and tax preparation, we provide the tax and financial advise that you need to help you achieve your goals. As your CPA, we will help reduce your stress by helping you understand your numbers. In order to succeed in business, you must know where your money is going. Those who understand their numbers, will grow and have an easier time making financial decisions. If you are looking for a professional tax preparer and a CPA that you can trust, then you are at the right place. Give us a call and find out today why Sandoval Tax should be your tax preparer, your advisor, and your CPA.

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